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Employment Opportunities

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External postings can also be viewed at or

To hear an audio version of available positions, call our Job Information Line at 613-354-6257 or (1-877-345-5178) press 1 for Human Resources and follow the voice mail instructions.

How to Apply for Employment
If you are interested in working for Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board, then the following explanation will detail how to apply for vacant internal and external positions:

To apply for any kind of work with our Board, start with a covering letter indicating what type of work you are applying for, include a detailed resumé outlining your work history, education, special skills and qualifications (provide supporting documentation, as required), and add a list of references. You will reduce your chances of being considered if you do not follow these steps. Your package may be submitted by regular mail, fax 613-354-5615, or in the case of teaching positions, applications are only accepted through

Teachers are asked to complete a Faith Reference Portfolio. This document will be required with all new teaching applications – click on the link to download this form. Then, fill out the entire form and upload it to Apply To Education under the tab "Pastoral Reference". 

If an offer of employment is made, then under government legislation, we will require a Criminal Background Check (original document only) (current within six months of date of hire). We recommend that you not attach this document to your electronic application.

Posted vacancies (Internal):
All new hiring is done through the competition process. When a position becomes vacant within the Board, the Human Resources Department will post the vacancy as "internal" to allow Board employees a chance to apply and be considered first. Relevant staff groups are given primary consideration over other staff groups and supply list personnel respectively. Make sure that the opportunity for which you are applying is not restricted to individuals already employed by the Board. If so, your application will not be considered. Generally, a posting is open for a minimum of 5 working days and is displayed on this web site, at the Board office premises, and in all our school locations. Applications received after the closing date, are not entered in the competition.

Advertised Employment Opportunities (External):
If there are no qualified or interested applicants within the Board and from our approved supply list, the vacancy may then be advertised as "open" or "external. Anyone who meets the qualifications and who is interested may then submit a resumé with a covering letter as well as any required supporting documentation. Generally, an external vacancy will be open for a minimum of 5 working days and may be posted on,, published in local newspapers, within the Board office premises and inside the schools. Applications received after the closing date, are not entered in the competition.

Note, the Board is a registered user of and use this site to post external jobs and search for candidates.

At, you may sign up for their job alert feature to be notified when our board issues a new posting on their web site.

Temporary work:
If you are interested in temporary work assignments, you may wish to be considered for our approved supply list. This is what you should do:

Occasional teaching:
You must be a qualified teacher and meet the requirements of the Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board the Ministry of Education in order to be considered. From time-to-time, advertisements may appear on,, or in local newspapers for occasional teachers with specific qualifications. Refer to the section on Advertised vacancies for information on how to apply. All new occasional teachers are interviewed before they are placed on the supply list.

Casual non-teaching work
You may submit a full resumé to our Department, or via for consideration to be placed on our approved supply list. We have a need from time-to-time to replace secretaries, educational assistants, clerks (Payroll, Accounting, Assessment, Human Resources), caretaking and technicians for short periods of time. Applications are reviewed and assessed, and the chosen candidates are placed on an approved list for placement when referred. Availability when called upon is of ultimate importance to remain on the approved supply list.

How long to wait before calling
Once a competition is closed, it may take from three weeks to two months for the results to be finalized and an offer to be made. If you apply for a competition, do not expect an answer right away. It is better if you wait at least two weeks before calling to check the status of the competition. We notify only the candidates who participated in the interview process.

Good Luck!

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