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ALCDSB - Community Use of Schools

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An individual or group may request the use of a school or facility by contacting the school Principal directly. All conditions and fees must be agreed to prior to the application being submitted for approval. Once the principal has conditionally approved the application, the custodial and rental fees will be confirmed, heating/cooling will be enabled for the event, and any other relevant conditions for the event will be communicated. All invoices must be agreed to, and paid for, prior to the event. The initial application to the principal must be completed in full, including insurance questions and email address.

Steps in requesting the use of school space

  1. Read and agree to the Regulations Regarding the Community Use of School Facilities and Properties
  2. Identify your group on the Group Types list
  3. Complete the Community Use of Schools: Permit Application form in full
  4. Contact the school principal from the List of Schools