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Community Use of Schools Initiative (Gym, Room & Field Rentals)

Community Use of Schools is a Ministry of Education initiative that supports access to school space outside of school hours for not-for profit community groups. Depending on your Group Type, your not-for-profit organization may be eligible for subsidized use of school space through Community Use of Schools Funding.

Your primary point of contact is the Principal or school Secretary at each individual school.

Our on-line Community Use of Schools event and activity calendar can be accessed at.

Staff Community Use of Schools event and activity scheduler can be accessed at.



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Sharing Agreements and Facility Partnerships (Long-term Agreements)

Facility Partnerships is a Ministry of Education initiative that encourages School Boards to work with their community partners in order to share facilities to the benefit of Boards, students and the community and to optimize the use of public assets owned by School Boards. This initiative focuses on opportunities to share facilities with community partners when building new schools and undertaking significant renovations and when considering unoccupied space in schools. These agreements are consistent with Ontario Regulation 444/98 and complement the discussions of Accommodation Review Committees and will respect Board decisions that have been made under A-2007-04-1 Public Accommodation Review – Administrative Procedures.

Contact Information


Brandt Zätterberg Community Use of Schools Outreach Coordinator
613-354-6257 ext 504
Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board
151 Dairy Ave., Napanee ON K7R 4B2